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Student Opportunities

Dream It - Be It!

Scrubs Camp

Registration: Scrubs Camp space is limited to 100 students across the Tri-Cities.  Great experience opportunity for students interested in Health Science Careers. Visit www.ewu.edu/scrubscamp to register!

  • Email – rtakamine@ewu.edu
  • FAX – 509.828.1285
  • Mail – 668 N. Riverpoint Blvd, Room 233, Spokane, WA 99202

Due to the extremely limited space at Scrubs Camp, schools are unable to save blocks of seats for their students.  Individual students are able to reserve their spot at Scrubs Camp by calling Robyn Takamine at 509.828.1368.  The completed registration form must be submitted to Robyn within 3 business days of reserving a spot.  If the paperwork is not submitted within the 3 day window, the student’s spot will be released at the discretion of the EWAHEC.

Summer Umpiring - Classes Start 2/22

To anyone 14 to Adult, Summer Ball Umpire classes (USA) will start on February 22.  Classes will be held at Columbia Playfield below Richland High School at 6:00 pm in the building in the middle of the softball fields, upstairs.  If you want to be a USA umpire (youth and Adult Slow Pitch), you have to attend these classes.  They will be held every Thursday for at least 8 weeks. You will be given rule books and rule training and on the field training.  I have some uniforms and equipment for purchase at a reduced price. The pay per game is $25.00 for Youth Fast Pitch and $30.00 for Adult Slow Pitch.  Registration is $50.00.  Most games will be played in Richland in the evenings during the week.  For more information call Steve at 509-366-0345, sddemeyer310@gmail.com.

STEAM Girls Night Out

WORKSITE LEARNING and Science Research Internship

Attention sophomores and juniors:  Do you want to earn money while earning school credit?  Are you interested in working in an environment that matches your career path? Lean more about Worksite Learning! 

WHAT:  Worksite Learning is a CTE (Career and Technical Education) program designed to place students in a working environment that matches their career path.  WSL is a partnership between the school-employer-and student.  It is a competency-based program that integrates classroom instruction with structured worksite experiences.  WSL provides exposure, experience and paid training in a specific career – a capstone experience to the students program of study.  The experiences are monitored and supervised by both representatives of an educational institution and a community workplace.  Students must provide their own transportation.

Students receive a semester credit (.5 credit) while working part-time in a local area company (180 hours per semester work experience for a maximum of 1 credit per year) and meeting program requirements. Students in the program are released 1-2 periods from the school day to go to work. Attendance at WSL Seminar during their senior year is required.

WHO:  Any current sophomore/junior, who has identified their career path, has a 2.5 GPA and has completed or enrolled in a class that is related to their career path and job placement, “connecting class”. 

CONTACT your school counselor or call/email Mrs. Richardson at 967-6524, Karen.richardson@rsd.edu. ;

*****WSL Business students are eligible for direct credit through Columbia Basin College. 

Health Science Career Day - March 2nd

High School Writing Contest - Win Cash Prizes! Due March 11th

Miss Tri-Cities Scholarship Open House 3/17

Health Occupations Preparatory Experience (HOPE) Summer Internship

Space is extremely limited, and the selection process is competetive.  Students who are first-generation college bound, from rural areas, or from populations that are under-represented in the health professions are enouraged to apply.  The application process will be conducted online at ewu.edu/projecthope/apply and is open December 15 - March 15.